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When we show someone a Clip-n-Seal for the first time, they often ask, “Why didn’t someone come up with this before?” Well, someone did. In 1849. Did you know that during the California gold rush, miners used rod-and-clamp closures to seal their water bags so they wouldn’t lose any of their precious fresh water during day-long hikes to the panning beds?

Neither did we.
We just wanted to keep our food fresh.

So We Invented Clip-n-Seal
We knew that there had to be a better way to store our espresso grounds and corn chips than sticking them in bags, tying them off with rubber bands, and hoping that we could finish them off before they get stale. We wanted to re-seal our food and keep it fresh and dry for weeks, not just a couple of days.

… And It Worked!
Clip-n-Seal worked so well that our families and friends started asking for them. Then one day one of our friends convinced us that we ought to try selling Clip-n-Seal. So we did!

So please try Clip-n-Seal. We know you’ll love it as much we do. Share your ideas and let us know how and where you use Clip-n-Seal. We read and answer all of our mail and would love to hear from you.

Blog Business Book
You can read more about Clip-n-Seal and business blogging in Publish & Prosper: Blogging for your Business, a New Riders book from Peachpit Press.

The Team
All the freshness is done by

  • DL Byron — Inventor, Blogger, CEO
  • Scott Benish — Brand Manager
  • Pam Massey — Operations Manager

Textura Design
Clip-n-Seal is a division of Textura Design, Inc., a design agency we started in 1997. Textura Design and Clip-n-Seal are based in Seattle, Washington, near Alki Beach.

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